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Welcome to my official website!


Dear all,

You are most welcome to my neeew website. It's going to be the source of all important news, links and infos concerning me and my doings.


So stay tuned!






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Official music-video for 'TONIGHT' premieres on QX.se! (01.11.2013)






'TONIGHT' is now avaliable on ITunes and Spotify


Check it out:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tonight-single/id735687703 



(fot. Justyna Ptak)




Kuba on ITV in Poland (23.10.2012)


Last Wednesday (17.10) Kuba was a guest on ITV's live show 'Muzyczna Strefa' in Poland.

See the chat the hosts Dorota and Olek had with the singer!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DTS5fuyh1w - part 1


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maYwPMK2E7s  - part 2




Kuba on Radio Żnin 96FM in Poland (22.09.2012)


Tune into Radio Żnin 96FM or go to its website and press "Słuchaj on-line" to listen to the station!

Kuba's songs from his EP "Fantasy" are now on the Radio Żnin's playlist!








LaLaLa Official Music Video (16.06.2012)


You can now watch the music video to LaLaLa!

Take it and share it with others!








Interview on T-Mobile Music Poland (25.05.2012)


There is an interview with Kuba on T-Mobile-Music.pl , check it out:






Polish Media about Kuba (16.05.2012)


Here are a couple of articles about Kuba's Indestructible in Polish online media:








Kuba on QX.se (14.05.2012)


Check out the interview with Kuba on QX.se!








Take a listen, guys:






Music & lyrics: Kuba Jasiecki

Produced by: Marcin Grzella

Cover: Justyna Ptak




Let the voting begin...!!! (08.05.2012)


The voting for Indestructible in Svensktoppen Nästa starts today! 


You can vote from Swedish networks by texting p4sto toppen 03  (with spaces) to 72250.

The charge is 3 SEK per vote. You can vote max 10 times per week. Voting ends on 27 May.



Nu kan man rösta på Kubas Indestructible i P4s Svensktoppen Nästa! 

Gör så här:
Sms till: 722 50
Meddelande: p4sto toppen 03
Kostnad 3:- per SMS

max 10 röster från en och samma mobilabonnemang och vecka
så rösta 10 gånger nu och sen 10 nästa Lördag :)




Kuba in Svensktoppen Nästa 2012! (07.05.2012)


Kuba's new song Indestructible has qualified to compete in a contest called Svensktoppen Nästa organised by P4 Sveries Radio in Sweden. The competition consists of a few stages and the winner of the whole contest will take part in Melodifestivalen 2013. Voting for the songs, that will go to the local semi-finals will start on Friday 11 May.




Indestructible will very soon be avaliable on iTunes and Sopotify!!!




I Want It All reviews! (23.08.2011)


Here are first articles about I Want It All in Swedish and Polish media,

take a look:












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                                 Kuba's official 2012 photography by Justyna Ptak: justynaptak.co.uk


                                      © 2009-2015 Kuba Jasiecki (publ)